SF Hikes: Van Ness – all of it + Precita Park and Aquatic Park

Two Saturday’s ago, I hiked all of Van Ness (Van Ness and South Van Ness) in San Francisco.

The logistics of this hike:  I took a bus to downtown and then BART to the 24th Street station.  From there, I walked north on Mission, turned left (east) onto Cesar Chavez and then right (north) on Folsom where I encountered Precitia Park.  After spending time in the park, I returned to Cesar Chavez, turned left and then right onto South Van Ness.  I then walked the entire length of South Van Ness, Van Ness, ending in Aquatic Park.  From there I walked to Washington Square Park.

The statistics:

  • 7.2 miles (11.64km),
  • total time including time to take photos: 3:26
  • total ‘moving’ time: 2:56
  • change in elevation (max – min): 310 feet


Most of this urban hike was on Van Ness Avenue and South Van Ness Avenue.  Van Ness is the name used north of Market Street.   It is named for James Van Ness, San Francisco’s seventh mayor.

Here are some photos from the hike, beginning with Precita Park:

There are many pre-1906-earthquake structures on South Van Ness Avenue.  Those who can afford it tend to restore them:

As in most neighborhoods, but especially the Mission District, there are brightly painted murals everywhere:

There are lots of interesting businesses:

Grand old buildings in civic center and grand old cars in a private collection:

And some photos from the end of the walk at the North San Francisco waterfront:

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